September 21, 2021

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Turning The Poor Into Entrepreneurs!

The French word Entrepreneur refers to a person who has new ideas, ventures or business...

The French word Entrepreneur refers to a person who has new ideas, ventures or business and is willing to be accountable for any risk involved in executing it and also responsible for its outcome. Robbin & Coulter menjelaskan Kewirausahaan yakni suatu proses dimana seseorang atau suatu kelompok individu menggunakan upaya yang terorganisir & sarana untuk mencari sebuah peluang dan menciptakan suatu nilai yang tumbuh dengan memenuhi kebutuhan serta keinginan melalui sebuah inovasi dan keunikan, tidak mempedulikan apapun sumber daya yang digunakan pada saat ini. Fantastic suggestions for online entrepreneurship, Mr Vikram, you have provided writing, publishing, blogging and youtubing opportunities. I relate to your ideas, as I am doing all these and me too have thought these as wonderful digital opportunities without large amount of capital investment. Before purchasing a business insurance plan which fulfills your requirements, it is vital to go through the different plans offered by the various insurance companies and make a comparison between the plans to choose the best suitable plan. Compare online via different websites and insurance aggregators to opt for the best deal that will provide coverage against all the threats to your business.

Business grooming enables companies to recognise their strengths, identify opportunities, create business plans that withstand financial scrutiny and enter new ventures or markets in a measured and low risk manner. Smaller companies have become so adept at responding to crisis that management-by-crisis has become the order of the day. Whilst senior managers focus on fire fighting and managing one crisis after another, the management time is not spent on strategic thinking, planning for the future and managing change or adapting to new environment. Business grooming helps companies to anticipate crisis rather than react to it, reduces waste by focusing on sound decision making process, and nurtures innovation so that companies can take advantage of new opportunities presented to them.

Therefore the objective of this post is to establish the main difference between social entrepreneurs and business entrepreneurs. The differences are in their actions and their motives. Social entrepreneurs concentrate more on transforming the approaches of modern society for the good of the community and the environment, whilst business entrepreneurs concentrate a lot more on the income and wealth-building business management aspect of things. Selling a business is no piece of cake, nor there’s any tooth fairy who can help you grow it to make it a successful one. As a result of these outlined benefits, many experienced leaders, economists and educators believe that fostering a robust entrepreneurial culture will maximize individual and collective economic and social success on a local and global scale.

Islam which reaches from the west coast of Africa to the Philippines and across a wide band that includes Tanzania, Central Asia, Western China, India, and Malaysia, has more than a billion followers11. Islam is also a significant minority religion in many parts of the world, including Europe. Islam has a pervasive role in the life of its followers, referred to as Muslims, through the Sharia (law of Islam). This is most obvious in the five stated daily periods of prayer, fasting during the holy month of Ramadan, and the Hajj, the pilgrimage to Mecca, Islam’s holy city. While Islam is supportive of entrepreneurship, it nevertheless strongly discourages acts that may be interpreted as exploitation. Islam is also absent of discrimination except to those outside the religion. Some have argued that Islam’s basic fatalism (that is nothing happens without the will of Allah) and traditionalism have deterred economic development in countries observing the religion.