September 21, 2021

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With today’s technology and modernity, everything is subject to change and evolution especially when it...

With today’s technology and modernity, everything is subject to change and evolution especially when it comes to business. Although if you know many Digital Marketing techniques then there are many more options. You can start one SEO agency or a Digital Advertising Agency, Website Development Agency, E-commerce Website etc. But why I am not recommending these because to start these you will need investment and more important you will need clients. And it takes more time to learn and master these skills. Ah, yes, Victoria Lynn. I do remember that recipe of yours. Oh, YUM. It could be the only thing I make because Cinco de Mayo is tomorrow. I was thinking about you because my brother’s birthday is on the 4th. And since you have a background in Spanish, I thought of CINCO AS THIS SUNDAY. DUH. So much for spending one’s lifetime in California, where it would help to know Spanish. So that’s one less day for me to play in the kitchen. Jeez. DUH.

Change occurring in manners and customs must be carefully monitored, specially in cases that seem to indicate a narrowing of cultural differences between people. Phenomena such as McDonald’s and Coke have met with success around the world, but this does not mean that the world is becoming Westernized. Modernization and Westernization are not at all the same as can be seen in Saudi Arabia. Americans often interpret inaction and silence as negative signs. As a result, Japanese executives tend to expect that their silence can get business management Americans to lower prices or sweeten the deal. Even a simple agreement may take days to negotiate in the Middle East because the Arab party may want to talk about unrelated issues or do something else for a while. The abrasive style of Russian negotiators and their usual last minute change requests may cause astonishment and concern on the part of ill prepared negotiators. As another example consider the reaction of an American businessperson if a Finnish counterpart were to propose the continuing of negotiations in the sauna.