October 18, 2021

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Are you about starting an insurance agency ? From an idea to a business plan,...

Are you about starting an insurance agency ? From an idea to a business plan, to executing the business plan and hiring the right people to advance the cause; from office or factory to phone, fax and business card; from design, packaging and marketing to insuring and negotiations with the banker, the entrepreneur will orchestrate it all by taking on the role of chief catalyst and initiative taker. The present day world is pacing ahead towards a more corporate business management system that is purely commercial, service-oriented, and competitive. Under this changing scenario, MBA becomes an effective way to obtain high post jobs and ensure credibility in the job market. Big multinational companies are targeting talented and skilled MBA graduates to increase their market score and win the competition. This report also confirmed that out of a total of 4.5 million small and medium enterprises, 2.1 million are Home based businesses.

You should read this blog post to the end if you are thinking about how to start an insurance company. Although you start out as a small business owner, somewhere along the way you either remain a SBO or you become an entrepreneur. If you are contented with earning enough profits to live a comfortable life and keep your business afloat, chances are you are a small business owner. This type of income replaces your income stream, which you earned from traditional employment. You really are not interested in growing or expanding your business. More than likely you will keep the business in your family. All Humber graduates articulating through this pathway will be provided with academic guidance by the EIT Master of Applied Management (180) Programme Coordinator in regards to EIT’s supervision capability at the time of student application.