June 20, 2021

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Problems Encountered By Nigerian Entrepreneur And Possible Solutions

Are you intrigued by the possibility of being your own boss and starting a business but not sure you have the right qualifications to be an entrepreneur? for a block transfer of six (6) credit hours into UIW’s Master of Business Administration (MBA) program. Students will be required to complete 24 credits to earn the degree. Applicants may have the option to apply for a General MBA or a MBA with a specific concentration in Finance or Marketing. Candidates attaining an international degree in management business management get to be a part of the modern-day and dynamic learning environment. The teaching pedagogy, training aids, and the overall methodology used abroad are different from how they are in India. Furthermore, international professors have a different style of mentoring students and emphasize more on the practical aspects. Along with that, they also clasp the concept of the open-classroom environment to help students to maintain their interest and learn in a more motivating and advanced manner.