October 20, 2021

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The dawn of the Internet has triggered companies around the world to open their doors...

The dawn of the Internet has triggered companies around the world to open their doors and reach out to customers around the world. Muljadi, Paul (ed.). business management Paul Muljadi. Archived from the original on 31 December 2013. • In the bottom-up approach, employees submit proposals to their managers who funnel the best ideas up the ladder. It’s usually a part of capital budgeting procedure, in which, proposals are based upon financial benefits. Hence, approved proposals under this kind of management form the substance of the business strategy. Entrepreneurship adalah sebuah proses penerapan kreativitas dan inovasi untuk memecahkan dan mencari sebuah peluang dari masalah yang dihadapi setiap orang dalam kehidupan sehari-hari. Kreativitas merupakan sebuah kemampuan untuk membuat ide baru dengan cara mengkombinasi, mengubah ataupun merekonstruksi ide-ide yang lama. Kemudian inovasi yaitu penerapan dari penemuan sebuah proses produksi baru atau pengenalan akan sebuah produk yang baru.

Online social networking involves connecting and sharing information with other like-minded people via the Web. Current online social networking collaborative tools have proved to be capable of superseding traditional business collaboration. A business networking platform with social networking capabilities can effectively facilitate the collaboration between owners and staffs. Decision-making is another key component of business collaboration. It is a logistic nightmare to get 10,000 people to attend daily business meetings. Internet poll and forums can be use in place of business meeting to make collective business decisions. The need of physical presence to monitor business activities can be substituted with daily updates from a reliable operation team through blogs and twitters (a form of micro-blogging). With the advent of web-based collaboration, it is easier than ever to co-manage a business with a large group of people over the internet.