October 18, 2021

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Companies are beginning to defy cynicism and doom Sayers. This section distills the benefits, production...

Companies are beginning to defy cynicism and doom Sayers. This section distills the benefits, production process, and lifecycle of your products or services. And how what your business offers is better than your competitors. Keen Assurance Brokers will also serve as a bridge between bigger insurance companies and our customers, who will trust our expertise and sense of judgment in obtaining favorable insurance packages across different sectors of the economy. Thinking about quitting a job, leaving behind the daily office schedule of 9 to 5 and planning to pursue the thrilling but unknown path of entrepreneurship? Did this thought ever strike you? I am sure, it did, that’s why you are here. In the book Built to Sell, Warrillow describes the true journey of entrepreneurs and their remarkable experiences on starting and growing a business.

Kepemimpinan yang dimaksud disini adalah kepemimpinan sebagai nilai atau kualitas, bukan pengetahuan tentang manajemen sumber daya manusia. Mungkin akn lebih tepat kalau disebut sebagai kepeloporan” sesertagkan pemimpin adalah orang yang menunjukan arah. Seseorang yang memiliki jiwa kepemimpinan akan selalu tahu arah yang harus dimbil. Keputusan-keputusanya mantap serta didasari oleh keyakinan diri disertai data-data serta informasi business management yang akurat. Starting a business is to redesign it time-to-time to make it work for you. Because an entrepreneur is very busy, he will have very little time for others. Because of this, he will not become “Over Familiar” with others, which is the root cause for finding faults in others resulting in mischievous gossips. He will have only contact with people of his own caliber and usually this kind of friendship lasts for life.